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Wedding Pricing
Wedding Rings

Our venue pricing is straight forward.

$4,000.00  for Entire Weekend

Friday noon to Sunday noon

Rehearsal Dinner Friday night and Wedding Saturday night

​* 2 night stay in cabin (Friday & Sat night)  is included in your rental fee above.



We do not charge extra for 100 our gorgeous cross back chairs, 10 wood farm tables or our 10 custom wood Pews.

We do not charge extra for any of our decorative items.

We are an outside venue so we do not do weddings during the summer months June, July, August. Trust me its HOT.

As we progress with other barn renovations we hope to offer an air conditioned space in the future.

Wedding Table

You are welcome to choose your own vendors or we can give you recommendations.

Wedding Planner (required).






Carriage Ride

Bartender (required is serving alcohol and to place us under their insurance policy)

If you are interested in a full package we can help you with our preferred vendors.



Wedding Decor

You know all that "stuff" you are wanting to go out and buy? Then you are stuck with trying to sell it for pennies on the dollar.

We have that stuff... and its all included in your venue rental. Always ask me before you buy anything.

Custom whiskey barrels, wood pews, vintage chargers, greenery for tables, mini lanterns, votive holders, cake stands......